Frequently Asked Questions

Why are your Coaching Services Free?

TFC gets paid similar to a Realtor.  If you work with a Realtor to find a new house to purchase, you do not pay the realtor, however the seller does.  We are paid a fee by the franchisor for every client that signs a franchise agreement.  Your fees are the same whether you talk to a franchisor directly or through TFC as your coach.

Why should I work with TFC instead of talking direct to the franchisor?

This is a great question.  Outside of our services being free, why else is it beneficial to work with TFC to start your next endeavor?  There are several reasons/benefits.  You’ll get a “behind the scenes” look at franchising that you would not get talking direct to a franchisor.  You get an experienced team member on your side to help pick the right franchise the first time.  TFC’s structured step by step process insures you will complete full due diligence before signing a franchise agreement.  This will help prevent choosing an opportunity that is not right for you or one that doesn’t have great validation.

Why should I choose a franchise over starting a business on my own?

By joining a successful franchise brand you are buying a proven business model.  It is important to follow the model as laid out in the Operations Manual.  The franchisor has already made mistakes and has grown from them.  You’ll save money and time from your own failures by joining a franchise system. 

What if I don’t have enough cash to purchase a franchise?

TFC has several third party financing companies that can assist with financing.  As a general rule of thumb you will need to have liquid capital equal to 20-25% of the total investment amount.  However, if you would like to rollover a 401K, IRA or other retirement account, that will not be required.

Can I still call TFC after I’ve signed my franchise agreement and/or after I’ve opened my business?

Absolutely!  TFC takes great pride in creating lifetime relationships with our clients.  If you have any questions or just want to talk and catch up, we’re always available!

Can I refer a friend or family member that is also looking for a new business opportunity?

Certainly!  We greatly appreciate our client’s referrals.  It is truly the greatest compliment we can receive.  But we also like to show our appreciation for your referrals which is why we offer a referral check of $1,000 every time a referral of yours signs a franchise agreement!

I’m currently a franchisor, do you offer any services that can help my brand grow?

Yes.  We offer several services to existing franchisors but the service most widely used is our Franchise Sales Program.  We can help you implement a proven step by step process that will better inform your franchisee candidates about your opportunity or we can take over your entire franchise sales process.  From lead generation to prospecting, TFC can be your outsourced sales team to close more deals this year.

I currently operate a business and am interested in franchising to accelerate our growth. Can TFC help?

We sure can!  We offer full Franchise Development Services.  From developing your Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) to producing a proven step by step Franchise Sales Process, TFC will be your resource every step of the way.  The best part is that our franchise development services are affordable!