Real Property Mgmt is a Service-Based Franchise with Recurring Revenue!

By now I think most of our loyal followers understand that we love residual income franchise opportunities at The Franchising Company.  Real Property Management is certainly no different! 

It has long been my goal since having kids to develop a solid business opportunity for them to eventually take over.  There are a lot of great business opportunities out there that you can explore.  One reason I like Real Property Management is the door it opens to real estate investing.  Not only can you manage other investor's properties but you can become an investor yourself.  This can lead to multiple avenues of residual income and a great business to pass on to your next generation.

Even if you don't have an interest to invest in rental properties yourself, Real Property Management still offers a great business model:

  • $80,000 - $100,000 Total Initial Investment (Can get started for as little as $8K out of pocket!  Learn more HERE)
  • Recurring Revenue
  • #1 in Property Mangement (30+ Years' Experience)
  • World-Class Training & Support
  • Over 1/3 of US Households are rentals (and this number is GROWING)
  • Recession Resistant Business Model
  • Excellent Marketing - Custom Website, 50+ Videos, Online & Print Advertising, Brochures, Direct Mail, Public Relations, Etc.
  • Innovative Systems & Processes - Utlization of Technology to Improve Efficiencies.  
  • Large Network of Existing Franchisees - Share Ideas & Successes

Download their brochure here!

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