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TFC was created to help our clients navigate the franchising industry. Being that we have experience as a franchisee and a franchisor we wanted to incorporate a variety of services to help entrepreneurs find a franchise opportunity or to help an entrepreneur expand their current business through franchising.

TFC offers coaching services (that are free) to individuals searching for franchise opportunities. For companies looking to expand their current business through franchising, TFC offers complete franchise development services. This includes, but not limited to, the development of your Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), Franchise Agreement (FA), Operations Manual (OM) and a Franchise Sales Program. For existing franchisors TFC offers consulting services to help improve your current franchise sales process or we can take over the process altogether. By taking the process over it eliminates your in-house sales team and often times reduces your on-boarding costs.

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The Franchising Company specializes in coaching our clients through a proven process to find the right franchise investment for them and/or their families. There are thousands of opportunities to choose from and if you have not been through the process before it can be very overwhelming. TFC utilizes a proven 10 step approach with all of our clients to insure they have completed their full due diligence before signing a Franchise Agreement.

Franchise Development

Expand Your Brand Through Franchising 

The Franchising Company specializes in offering a low cost alternative for companies looking to expand their brand through franchising. TFC will also work to implement our proven Franchise Sales Management Process and work with the brand long-term to continue building the brand through franchise sales. Some of the services we provide are:

  • The Franchise Disclosure Document This required document informs and protects the public
  • Registration States Become legal in each state so you can grow your foot print nationally.
  • Franchise Agreement This is a legally binding contract between a franchisor and franchisee.
  • Operations Manual A complete and detailed guide on how to duplicate your business model.
Franchise Sales

Grow your brand with more territories sold in 2016

Franchise Sales Training – The Franchising Company has developed a signature 9 step process to franchise ownership that has produced proven results across multiple brands.  TFC can offer consulting services to fully implement this 9 step sales process in addition to training your entire franchise sales staff.

Franchise Sales Outsourcing – The Franchising Company offers outsourced franchise sales management.  TFC will implement our 9 step sales process to franchise ownership and will manage your brand’s entire lead flow.  This typically cuts the franchisor’s sales expense by at least 25% as they no longer require an in-house sales staff, rather outsource their entire sales process to a proven leader in franchise development.

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Initially, I was "luke warm" on the idea on running my own business, but through every step of the process, Matt was available with all the right connections and advice we needed.

Jeff Utley

I highly recommend Matt because---for him-- I truly believe that finding the right opportunity for a client is more important than just getting a deal done.

John Sullivan

Matt quickly and patiently answered questions sent at various times, including nights and weekends. He has provided detailed information in a way that was easily understood and has been an encourager.

Betty Bradley

You can't ask for better support than what Matt provides. He goes beyond the call of duty to make sure you know what you need to know beforeĀ and after signing an agreement.

Elijah Hagan

I will say that the most valuable attribute to me has been his dedication in helping me to really find the best franchise opportunity meeting my very specific criteria.

Jenifer Massenburg